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The author is a law graduate who has come into writing late in life. Originally a classics student, his first two books were devoted to unravelling the mysteries of Helen "of Troy" - whom the author is convinced never went near Troy with Paris - and Hercules, who was no only a gentle giant but also a fine musician and revered by the Celts for his oratory. His third book, "In Search of the Celts" seeks to identify the origin of the warlike nation who "arrived" in Western Europe in around 500BC, and traces their expansion in Europe - including to Great Britain - before the Roman era of domination, and describes the beginning of their long decline after the defeat by Julius Caesar in 52BC at Alesia, France. All three books are well researched and promote and support some previously unpublished thoeries. Details of how to buy the books can be found here.

The Holiday of a Lifetime, (August 1914) a WW1 story, is a departure from the author's previous work. A short novel, it is based on the experience of his mother in law who, with her elder sister, was in Germany holidaying with a German family when war was declared. Brief contemporary evidence which unexpectedly came to light enabled the author to research the background to this little reported event which affected thousands of people on holiday in the wrong country at the wrong time. This book shed light in very dark places and succinctly summarises the root causes of this disastrous war. At present this book is only available in Kindle format.

HELEN and THE HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME AUGUST 1914 are available in Kindle format, details here.

CELTS 11 is available from Amazon details here.

For enquiries about the author's works or to purchase a copy of one of the books direct, email John H Pollard at: sandjpollard@googlemail.com